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Sliven- the historical inheritance

The town of Sliven with 100,366 residents (and centre of the administrative district of the same name) is sited 110 km west of Bourgas, 276 km east of Sofia, beside the main road Sofia - Bourgas and 26 km away from Yambol, at the southern foot of the Slivenska Planina branch of the Balkan Range and the Sinite Kamani Nature Reserve. The service of the company includes reliable rent a car service with new cars and all insurances. The average temperature in January is 1.2�C, and 23.3�C in July when the typical here are Slivenska vyatar (Sliven wind) often blows to cause local gags and witticisms. Typical for the region are rent a car client to visit often the peak of Karandila and pass by their car the mountain. Sliven is a middle station of the railway line Sofia � Bourgas. Not far from the motor road to Kotel is the beginning of the lift to the Karandila location (bus link from the town centre).

The Blue Mountains- paradise for tourists

The tourist centre is ready to provide required tourist information to travellers and visitors with rent a car. Tickets can be best bought at the ticket centre. The Blue Mountains is a magnificent vast rugged locality- turned into a Nature Park - set in the upland area of the Sliven branch of Stara Planina (the Balkan Range). Driving rent a car up the hills are review magnificent views of the Sinite Kamani location covers a total area of 11,381 ha and comprises a few forest parks, Peak of Balgarka, the peaks of Golyama and Malka Chatalka, Koutelka, the natural rock formations Halkata (the Ring), Kominite (the Chimneys), Kouklite (the Dolls), the spring named Ptichi Kladenets (the Bird Well), the Gounchov Izvor (Fountain), the Sini Vir and Futula waterfalls, the Zmeeva Doupka and Orlova Doupka (caves, caverns), etc. Also within the perimeter of this Nature Reserve are historical locations, deciduous woods of high value, rare plants and a great variety of fauna. Accommodation in Sliven is very contemporary for hikers and visitors is provided at the Karandila Hut and a large hotel complex with Rent a car services.
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