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Stara Zagora- an exceptional Bulgarian Spa resort

The town of Stara Zagora is administrative district, inhabit 143,420 people is sited 90 km to the northeast from Plovdiv, easy to reach by rent a car or bus, at the southern margin of the Sarnena Gora Mountain bottom and in the middle of the lush soil of the Stara Zagora open country, some 200 m above the sea level. The town first appeared as the Thracian settlement of Beroe and later throughout the Roman rule the name was changed to Augusta Trayana, with same name hotel exist and we offers rent a car services there. During the medieval ages the settlement was known as Vereya and Borouy. All over the years of Ottoman bondage the town developed into a centre of craftsmanship and trade under the name of Eski Zaara. This is the place where the Stara Zagora Uprising of 1875 was staged and initiated. The town was incinerated by the Turks in 1877.

The centre of cultural traditions

In these latter days the one day settlement has grown into an academical town with the Thracian University, sited on the territory of the academic borough, and cultural life. The rent a car trips usually include sightseeing of the Geo Milev Theatre of Drama, the State Opera House of Stara Zagora, the Metodiy Kousev Park (Ayazmoto). The construction of the park commenced in 1895 and now to be found within the park area (a total of 260 ha) are the Monument to Aleko Konstantinov, the Monument to Metodiy Kousev, the Church of St Todor Tiron, the Zoo, different species of vegetation. Stara Zagora is a key railway junction on the lines connecting Sofia , Bourgas Airport, Rousse (Ruse) and Haskovo, which are favourite and for rent a car tourists.
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