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Ahtopol- a brilliant peaceful family resort

The small town of Ahtopol having 1192 inhabitans situated in the district of Bourgas, municipality of Tsarevo, is located on the seashore, tucked away on a small peninsula alongside a sea inlet to the south of the town. Ahtopol is both an old historical settlement and a contemporary seaside resort of climate therapy and vast sand beaches with long, warm and enjoyable autumn and mild winter. TS Travel provides rent a car in Ahtopol, Bulgaria for all the people decided to spend their holiday in that quiet and lovely place. The small port of the town was built as yacht harbour.

Sightseeing in the region

A number of rest houses have been built and functioning along with hotels (the Elpida, City, Cherno More hotels, charging comparatively cheap in high season) and a lot of discount private lodgings booking online and parking for clients using rent a car in Ahtopol.In 1926 the town there are 176 houses and 874 inhabitants, of which 570 refugees from Eastern Thrace. In 1961 it counts 947 inhabitants, nowadays are 887 people. Ahtopol have a rich ancient and medieval history. In the aquatic in Ahtopol were found stones, lead and iron anchors. The stone articles refer to Thracian times and dates from the beginning of the I st millennium BC., the lead origin of the period of Greek colonization, whilst the iron are of Roman and medieval times. Here were found treasure and finds from the XVII - XVIII century, as well as Admiralty anchors with large amounts of the last century. From this comes sovereignty and a wooden figure of a man dressed in a tailcoat short - perhaps trimming the mast of a ship of the nineteenth century Eating and drinking is not a problem with abundance of restaurants and taverns. The small port with the lighthouse is an integral part of the local scenery. Driving on the roads of Ahtopol you would not miss the sightseeing like Museum Collection, the St Yani Monastery, the Church of the Ascension of Christ (since 1776), the remains of old-time fortification walls, and the beautiful outfall area of the Veleka River to be found 5 km to the south. Our discount Ahtopol rent a car offers new cars with full insurances and no limit of kilometers. The camping site is located to the northwest of the town.
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