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Albena- unique blend of beaches and virgin nature

The resort of Albena is largest seaside all inclusive resort for beach holidays situated along the Black Sea coastline a few kilometers from Kranevo, 30km off to the northeast of Varna, 19 km southwest of Balchik, some 29km away from Kavarna and 10 km from Golden sands, near the outfall of the Batova River. Bulgarian company TS Travel provides cheap rent a car in Albena and great car renting deals. The resort beach is approx. 5 km long and up to 200 m wide with fine sand and shallow sea floor. The construction of the resort started in 1968 and was named after the heroine from the dramatic work of the same name, written by Yordan Yovkov. Most hotels are cascade shaped (like the steps of a staircase) to fully expose every terrace to the sunrays in summer, surrounded by evergreen woods very nice roads and car parking for Albena rent a car. The local hotels have been designed to accommodate a large number of tourists and holidaymakers in high season, and the most popular and of these are the 17-storied Dobroudzha Hotel (four stars), and the three- and cheap two star hotels of Elitsa, Gerghana, Slavouna, Kaliakra, Orlov, Nona, Maastricht, Dobrotitsa, Drouzhba, Zdravets, and so on, the villas of Iztok, Zapad, Yug, Arabella, etc. private lodgings and rooms, rent a car, two camping sites (Albena and Lesko). The infrastructure and perfect roads ensure incredible conditions for rent-a-car in Albena.

Excellent resort facilities

As it should be expected, the resort is well fitted with all facilities required for aquatics and other kind of sports, attractions, playgrounds, car hire, shops an shopping areas, etc. not a long way from the resort is the recreation zone in the valley of the Batova River. Moving on to and from the resort or getting around is not a problem with the abundance of well-organised transport connections here and our Bulgarian rent-a-car services. The Arabella Ship-on-the-Shore Restaurant, the casino and the equestrian centre and school available here, apart from the various purely seaside opportunities for entertainment, can also prove to be desired pastime options for the time free of swimming and sunbathing. The road to Albena is repaired because many tourist are visiting places self driving cars or use discount rent a car services. Cheap rent a car in Albena, Bulgaria.
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