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Balchik- unique beach town

The town of Balchik is situated very close to Varna, some 17 km from Kavarna, 30 km from Golden sands and some 60 kilometers north and 26 km from Kranevo. Its pictures town with small streets cover by cobble stones. Usually is visit through the summer from many European tourist, wishing to have their holidays in some small and quite place in Bulgaria. The company offers rent a car services in this area, having new cars, low price and fully inclusive rates. The roads are not very bad so driving your rent a car vehicle will give you much more pleasure looking around the wonderful landscapes. The price is low and cars are new and reliable. The rates have fully insurances for Bulgaria. Rent a car in >Balchik is easy if you using our online booking system, there is no cancellation fee. The car fleet consists of small and standard types minivans as well. The rent a car offers always includes some discount for clients. Our reps in Balchik are 24/7 to assist you with your rent a car deals The seaside town of Balchik (in the administrative district of Dobrich) with 12,509 residents is positioned amphitheatrically in a location of earth slides.The average temperature in July reaches 22.2�C.

Balchik- attractive tourist destination with rich history

The settlement sprang up as an ancient Greek colony named Krouni (or Krounoy), renamed later to Dionisopolis: throughout the 16th century known as the medieval Bulgarian town by the name of Karvouna under the local ruler Balik. Balchik has always been a key seaport of wheat export from Dobroudzha. Between the two world wars Balchik belonged to Rumania. Balchik is a much visited seaside resort by rent a car lovers with decent beaches and sea. Within 5 km to the northeast is the Balchishka Touzla mud-therapy and recreation resort, and 12 km to the southwest is the renowned Bulgarian sea resort of Albena. The town is a duty-free zone with a seaport, customs, maritime club; busy bus links with Varna and surrounding towns and sea resorts, ship line to Varna. Tourist information can be received from the Information centre. Driving the rent a car undoubted will reach the Balchishka Touzlata). This the name of a location with a lake and recreation centre, situated 5 km east of Balchik on the Black Sea shore. The lake water is very salty, up to 0.8 in deep, covers an areaa of 10 ha and the lake itself was formed in an area of earth slides. The lakebed is covered with radioactive silt used in the sanatorium built for the purpose of mud-cure.
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