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Golden Sands- breathtaking tale in Bulgaria

Bulgarian resort Golden Sands is the second largest beach resort in the country located on the Black sea cost some 27 km north from Varna Airport. The history of the resort dated from 1968. The region boasts unique blend of crystal air and sea breeze, picturesque park area, which many tourists enjoy by rent a car in Golden sands. The name of this complex comes from fine sand covering the beaches and stretching approximately 4 km along the beach. The old name is Long Sands. The resort is famous for its unique combination of sea, green hills, mineral springs and wonderful sights you'll see during your trips with Golden sands rent a car. The breathtaking views and picturesque landscaped scenes lead up to growing tourist visits.

Golden Sands- summer and Spa resort

Eastern slopes of the Danube hilly plane forming picturesque terraces, which are part of Golden Sands National Park. The beaches are nice and sunny throughout the day. The seabed is relatively steep at 50-10 meters from the sea shore; the water is very clean with many shoals suitable for bathing. During the summer there are a few rainy days. The hot mineral water springing from several locations mainly used by hotels for the Spa procedures. The natural beauty combined with many luxury hotels, bungalows, camping sites, rent-a-car in Golden Sands, swimming pools, sports facilities create conditions for vacations throughout the year. One of the latest attractions in the complex is Aqua Park named Aquapolis, which offers cheerful games and entertainment for children. TS Travel provides 24/7 rent a car Golden sands with new cars and fully inclusive rates.
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