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Kavarna- the northeast seaside town on the Black sea

The town of Kavarna (11,520 residents) in the administrative district of Dobrich is tucked away in the coastal folds of the Dobroudzhansko Plateau, 18 km eastward of the town of Balchik, 60 km from Golden sands and two kilometres to the north of the Black Sea shore. The town is the descendant of the Thracian settlement of Bizone, later known as the medieval town of Karvouna, and since the fifteenth century as the present-day provides comfy accommodation. For a certain period of time between the wars (1913-1940) the town has been within the bounds of Rumania. The land marks in your tour are available at the Museum of History and Archaeology, the Ethnographic House, the Art Gallery, the Monastery Schools (well-preserved so far).

The Kaliakra Cape- a symbol of Bulgarian independance

The Church of Sveti Gueorgy (Church of St George), the Church of Ouspenie Bogorodichno (Church of the Assumption), the old-time fountains and maaza, the old-time Turkish hamam (baths) since 15 C. The Monument to Dobrotitsa and the Monument to the fallen in the War of Liberation. Our reps will present a cheap rent a car service explaining many sightseeing deserve to be seen and apart from its being a well-known seaside resort of climate therapy with nice sand beaches, the town is a secure harbour of the local fishing fleet, fitted with a lighthouse, and connected by sea and bus links with Varna. Accommodation in Kavarna is available at the Dobrotitsa Hotel and smaller private lodgings and rooms. Tours by rent a car can start from Kaliakra to Cape Kaliakra, the club of Roussalka resort, the Bird's Gulf to the east, etc. Noadays Kaliakra is famous with regular rock and roll concerts during the summer.
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