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Kiten- the southmost seaside Bulgarian town

The town of Kiten is situated some 55 kilometers south from Bourgas, 6 kilometers from of Primorsko and 7 km from Sinemorets. The population is approx. 900 people, natives is to be found 13 km off to the northwest of Tsarevo, perched on the craggy Cape Urdoviza. Driving rent a car to the south border, you must visit small town of Kiten. The area is very peaceful, sea water is crystal and sandy beaches are stretching to the north and south of the town. Though small by size the town has long been recognized and famous as a seaside resort of climate therapy with a lot of rest houses, villas, private-run lodgings and rooms, rent a car in Kiten services and camping sites to the north and south of the resort area. The region is famous as quiet place with many sunny days attract many natural lovers and tourists spending their holidays every year.

Kiten- sunny resort with peaceful surroundings

The reasons are low prices of the hotels and rent a car as well. Once, the location was defended by the powerful medieval fortress of Urdoviza, the remains of which are still to be seen in the neighbourhood of the town. An attractive area for rent a car tours are the beautiful spots positioned on either side down the lower course of the Karaagach River, not a long way to the south. A small pier for low tonnage ships and local bus station provide regular links with Bourgas and the nearest towns and resorts along the southern Black sea coast. Kiten is mostly visited by tourist from east Europe, some of them coming by bus, while other preferred rent a car. The service of the company not only Kiten rent a car, but reservations online in Hotels in Kiten or nearby.
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