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Pamporovo- a widespread Bulgarian ski resort

An exceptionally picturesque highland locality and climate- therapy mountain resort of a country- and internationally wide meaning. Pamporovo is to be found in the western partition of the Rhodope Mountains, 10 km southwest of the town of Chepelare and 16 km north of the town of Smolyan driving rent a car up the hills of the mountain and some 86 kilometers away from the Plovdiv airport. Our reps there are available with rent a car cheap prices all the time you needed. Magnificent spruce tree woods and superb sunlit glades all round catch the eyes and soul at 1650 m above the level of sea. To the south of that remarkable locality and high up into the sky have gone the ridges of Mt Mourgavets (1858 m) and Mt Snezhanka (1925), both of these are very popular and frequented tourist targets. The rent a car in Pamporovo and tours must include highland territory of Pamporovo features average amount of local precipitations around 900 mm of water column per annum, generally copious snowfalls and thick snow cover enduring 80 to 120 days throughout the year. Inversions are missing here in winter, while sunshine days dominate. In 1933, the Chepelare native Nikola Chichovski built a humble weather shelter for the hikers in Pamporovo, thus laying the foundations for the development of the future mountain resort.

Skiing facilities of Pamporovo

Excellent conditions are to be found here for healthy sun- and air bathing procedures discount rent a car trips, wholesome eco tourism and mountaineering all of these strongly recommended to people suffering high blood pressure, initial stages of vascular sclerosis, endocrinal and metabolic system disorders, neuroses, etc. Also perfect in Pamporovo are the environmental setting and capabilities to be found here for various winter sports; the resort is well equipped with ski tows, skiing tracks, chair lifts. shops, rent a car office, restaurants and folk-style establishments. There are a standing Medical Centre for urgent medical servicing and Mountain Rescue and Recovery Service, too. This is also the place where manifold national and international sports events and competitions are regularly being organised and held. On peak of Snezhanka is a 132 m TV relay station with a cafe-patisserie providing for Pamporovo magnificent all-round bird views from its open-air terrace (the tower is accessible via the chair lift running uphill from the Stoudenets Hut to Mt Snezhanka). Our services include and online booking for hotels in Pamporovo and around. Open for worship and exploration is the Church of Sveta Ouspenie Bororodichno (the Assumption of the St Mother of God).
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