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The town is the administrative centre of the district of the same name and the second largest town in Bulgaria, situated 147 km southeast from the capital city beside the highway Sofia - Istanbul. Plovdiv rent a car is supply by TSTravel office there, which allows you to hire cheap car at the Plovdiv Airport for you business stay of holiday in Bulgaria. The town occupies both the middle of the Pazardzhishko-Plovdivsko Pole (the open country of Pazadzhik and a position dominating the larger Thracian Plain (also named as the Thracian Lowlands) in the south of Bulgaria. Plovdiv is the geographic and economic centre of the Upper area of the Thracian Plain (lowlands) which is easy to drive yourself by rent a car.

With average temperatures of minus 0.4C in January and 23.2C in July the town is generally rated as one among the warmest compared to the rest of the country, but very attractive tourist most visiting centre by coach round tour or Rent a car trips. Currently, 338,224 people live in the town of Plovdiv. Great importance for the town is Plovdiv Airport rent a car and tourists services and travel features there during the summer season with pick up services to Pamporovo ski resort. During the war of Liberation of 1878 Plovdiv was the largest Bulgarian town and after that (1878-1885) the principal town of Eastern Roumelia. This is the place where the historical act of Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia was proclaimed on 6 September 1885. In these latter days, Plovdiv is twice a year (spring and autumn) the organiser and host- town of the internationally popular Plovdiv Fair, which is visited by many Bulgarian and foreign tourist.

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Interested in autumn with new car models, inquired by many rent a car companies. In many aspects of its position and functionalities the town ranks, figuratively taken, to a second capital city of the country with an Plovdiv Airport, customs, duty-free zone, consulates of Russia, Turkey, and Greece multiple establishments of culture and education like the Paissiy Hilendarski University of , the University of Mechanical Engineering and Technologies, the University of Medicine. The road connections to next countries are well maintained, providing perfect conditions for import and export the goods and travel tourists by rent a car. Transport connections spread out from the town in all directions, not only by air through the airport of Plovdiv, among these several railway lines to major destinations from the central railway station - tickets are bought on the day of departure from the ticket counters at the station, with some discounts or booked in advance at the railway booking office and the Travels Agency, and bus links are also serviced to the major towns and multiple villages and settlements. Busses use the Rodopi bus station. Local cheap Rent a Car at Plovdiv Airport service may also come in use in getting around during the period of your stay in Plovdiv, booking the hotel or in Bulgaria either.
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