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Pomorie, Bulgaria

Pomorie rent a car

The town of Pomorie is situated 10 km to the northeast of Bourgas Airport. Our rent a car in Pomorie includes cheap new cars possesing all insurances. The scenic peninsula is jutting out into the sea, to the south of the Pomorisko Ezero (Lake, actually, lagoon of Pomorie), declared as a location under legal protection of the state. It very clear visible when drive your rent a car down the new part of the town. The climate of Pomorie is typically of a seaside town with an average temperature of 23 C in July. In all probability, the one-time settlement sprang up in 4th C. BC as an ancient Greek colony of Anhialo. Means of living indigenous to Pomorie and the local population in the past, and for some part of it nowadays too, were salt-production and viticulture. Landmarks and sightseeing of your rent a car tour must include: A The Church of Preobrazhenie Hristovo (the Transfiguration), since 18th-19th centuries, with an iconostasis and icons of high artistic and scientific value, the Church of Ouspenie Bogorodichno (the Assumption), since 19th C., Pomoriyski Manastir Sveti Gueorgy Pobedonosets (the St George the Victor Monastery of Pomorie), with the well-preserved stone relief of St George.

Balneological features

The Museum Exposition in the house where the remarkable poet Peyo Yavorov lived in 1899-1900 and the Monument to Yavorov, to be found at the so-called Yavorovi Skali (the Rocks of Yavorov). The Revival- time houses in the eastern periphery of Pomorie. In downtown of Pomorie we offer discount cars for rent. The Domed Sepulchre since 3th-4th C., in the western outskirts of the town. Pomorie is also known as a seaside resort of climate therapy; moreover, the town is famous and recommended for the mud-cure of diseases of the locomotory system, backache, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, etc., in the local sanatorium and rest houses meant for the purposes of medical treatment and recovery. Visitors and holidaymakers are welcome to booking online the Pomorie hotels. and private lodgings and rooms. The camping site is to be found immediately westward of the town with wide enough car parking for rent a car users. Pomorie is well connected with the surrounding towns, seaside resorts and the rest of the country via regular bus services and the passenger seaport services or rent a car as well.
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