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Primorsko- a new growing seaside resort

The town of Primorsko belongs to administrative region some 62 Bourgas Airport populated with 2428 local residents is positioned at a distance on a small peninsula jutted forth deep into the sea. The rent a car include new and reliable cars with full insurances. Primorsko is a typical Black Sea resort of climate therapy, recreation and rent a car holidaymaking with long sand beaches, forested hinterland, a number of private- run hotels, rest houses, villas, private lodgings, places of entertainment and recreation, and lots of facilities. A number of tourist sites are easily accessible from the town, rent a car users for example: the Stomoplo Lagoon to the north, the picturesque outfall of the Dyavolska Reka River (Devil's River), the Dyavolsko Blato (the Devil's Bog) and the International Youth Centre - all of these to the southwest-, and Maslen Nos (Cape Maslen) to the northwest.

Location and services

The Tourist Information Centre and discount rent a car representatives is to be found at centre of the town. Primorsko is connected with Bourgas and the surrounding towns and seaside resorts throughout the southern Black Sea coast via bus services and the local passenger seaport services. Our company features dispose of online booking hotels in Primorsko and rent a car discounts as well. The bay of Stomoplo is situated very close to Primorsko. That name belongs to a marsh (or lagoon) located west of the gulf of the same name, a short way off to the north of the town of Primorsko. Separated from the gulf by a sand strip the lagoon covers an area of 0.06 sq. km of slightly salty water, largely fed by rainfalls and inflow from the sea. Rank with marsh vegetation, stocked with fish and unique by scenery, the marsh is definitely a site of tourist interest.
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