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Sofia Airport rent a car

Sofia- the pretty�s capital on Balkan Peninsula

International Flight Destinations of Sofia Airport and regarding our rent a car services are used by many tourists and clients of the company. International flights on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria are received and handled on the Sofia International Airport, Varna, Plovdiv and Bourgas. Provided in the list below are destinations with respective distances on them from Sofia to some of the larger European cities. The international airports and rent a car services in the country are provided by airplanes of a Bulgarian or respective foreign company. Regular lines of air connection are now operable between them whereby the flights are several a day in high season. One- way flight ticket costs around 50 US dollars. Sofia Airport is the point of departure for rent a car and bus services on a number of international destinations running along routes to the large European cities, and across Turkey to some of the Middle East countries.

Tourist information about rent a car in Sofia

Travellers can reserve cheaprent a car, buy tickets for the international destinations in the specialised travel agencies and their booking offices at the bus terminals. Some international travel agencies also offer in and outgoing rent bus services. Foreign rent a car tourists should take particular care in their winter trips and rides in highland terrains to avoid being surprised by road accidents and whatsoever contingencies. Helpful information at Sofia Airport, in this respect, can be provided at hotels and by professional drivers servicing them, or you can find it readily available in the daily press. Fees have been introduced and paid on entry and for the rides on highways throughout the country. Petrol stations to refuel your rent a car on motorways, first and second-class highways are available on 30-50 km intervals, with pricing close to the one in Europe, as closest one to Sofia Airport is some 2 km away. Rent a car Sofia services are available at large hotels, too. For Sofia Airport rent a car drivers and all tourists using own vehicles for holiday making, information that might be helpful, concerning nearest refuelling stations, car spare part shops etc. Visitors landing at Sofia Airport will be extensively facilitated by the information boards to be found on most of the busy locations of the city, containing city maps with all of the more important from the foreign tourists' view places of interest therein.
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