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Sozopol- cheap summer holidays and festival meetings

TSTravel rent a car company offers cheap cars for rent in the region, with all inclusive rates, no hidden cost. The town of Sozopol having 4358 residents is positioned beside the scenic road connecting Bourgas Airport and Tsarevo. Our extraordinary rent a car services down the town offer new fully insured cars. The old town area is situated on a stony, picturesque peninsula, jutting forth deep into the sea, while the new town quarters occupy the hinterland in an area to the south, called Harmanite. Average temperatures in July reach values of 23.7�C, which created perfect conditions for rent a car visitors. The small islands of St Cyril, St Ivan, and St. Peter are quite near to the town within the Black Sea shelf. The ancient settlement, named Apollonia, sprang up in the 711 C. BC and reached high prosperity in its time. In historical records dating from 7 C, the town is referred to as Sozopolis (literally, the Town of Salvation) and passed from Bulgarian to Byzantine ownership several times throughout the ages. Near Sozopol is located famous beach resort of Duni and Primorsko. South of Sozopol are located towns of Sinemorets, Primorsko, Kiten, and Ahtopol. Today, the town of Sozopol is an attractive seaside resort with vast sand beaches stretching to the west and another part to the south set in between the new and the old town and dispose of nice roads for driving rent a car.

Cultural inheritance of Sozopol

The old town has been a place of inspiration for many artists and poets of the past and nowadays, and a Reserve of History and Architecture since 1974. The houses here as if stick together side by side in an attempt to triumph over the time and reach into infinity. The town lives a rich cultural life with the international open- air expositions of marine painters and the Apollonia Festival of Arts, organised and held here on a regular basis. The rent a car sightseeing tour must include the Museum of Archaeology with sections of Marine History and Archaeology, Alexander Moutafov House-Museum, Art Gallery, The Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa (Church of the St Mother of God), since 16th C., the Church of St George, the Church of SS Cyril and Methodius, with the St. Zosim exposition, etc. With the seaport and passenger station for the sea-going vessels and routes, and for the land routes with busses running regular services to all neighbouring resorts and seaside towns, Sozopol is well connected with any destination throughout the Southern Black Sea coast. For any tourist information and rent a car users you should call on the tourist information centre, rent a car services, cosy hotels offer accommodation for the night at reasonable prices, and the camping site, to be found westward of town, is open for the motorists. Some of rent a car users preferred Kavatsite camp site situated not far off to the south of Sozopol. The seashore is low and features a nice sand bathing beach. A motel and camping site are to be found within close reach to the east of the resort for info of Sozopol rent a car clients.
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