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Sveti Vlas rent a car

Sveti Vlas- exclusive combination of mountain and beach

Rent a car providing by our firm offer new cars having all insurances and no limit of kilometers, delivering right to your door free. This is a small town, known as a seaside resort of climate therapy and holidaymaking, situated beside the black Sea coast, 13 km away from Nessebar and 6 km from Elenite. The service we offer in Sveti Vlas are rent a car and booking online hotels in St. Vlas. Nice sand beaches and a camping site, as items on the list of priorities are certainly available here, in addition to the seaside sanatorium and the Zora Holiday village, both to be found a short way off to the west.

Extraordinary nature and holiday features

The location of the town is between the gulf of Sunny Beach resort and east most slopes of Stara Planina. The resort is consists of small family run hotels, apartments for rent and houses offer private lodgings. At all the places are availability of rent a car offers. The seaside has very sufficient roads, which allow you more confidence for your rent a car trip. The climate is preferred and from people suffering from lung diseases. Spa facilities combine with beach conditions makes Sveti Vlas rent a car and desirable beach resort and destination of check point of travellers. The forest around the town is consisting of pine and oak trees. Fresh air and sea breeze create useful environment for recreation and holidays in the region.
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